Market insights provide the basis for strategy development, brand positioning and effective law firm communication. We offer unique perspectives on the legal industry and provide a range of market research and marketing related services to clients, including the annual ECP Managing Partner Survey.

Effective communication – to internal and external audiences – is a critical aspect of strategic execution. With a focus on organisational psychology, we help Managing Partners instil and enforce desired values and behaviours as part of a disciplined approach to strategic implementation.

Through external consultation and marketing support, we help our clients communicate with critical stakeholders and audiences to support revenue generation and law firm positioning.

Our annual Managing Partner Survey acts as a litmus test for the legal sector. By canvassing the opinions of Managing Partners from large law firms around the world, we provide insights into areas of operational focus and identify the trends that will shape the future of the industry.

Our legal sector thought leadership services include:

  • Market analysis reports
  • Managing Partner surveys
  • Marketing and communications strategy
  • Industry-specific roundtable events
  • Keynote appearances